Sunday, August 26, 2018

TCEA 2019 Is Coming At Us Fully Charged!

One of my favorite conferences every year is the TCEA Conference in Texas!

They know how to put on an amazing annual conference and are always FULLY CHARGED with incredible presenters, events, vendors and all around great learning, sharing, connecting and fun!
They have announced a few of the special people involved this year.

TCEA shared in this post,

We're so excited to announced that the opening keynote for the TCEA 2019 Convention and Exposition is the remarkable physician, engineer, social scientist, entrepreneur, educator and wanna-be dancer Dr. Mae Jemison.  Oh, and she just happens to be a former NASA astronaut and the first woman of color to travel into space.  She is an advocate for STEM learning, and she has a powerful message to share with our 2019 attendees.  

I cannot wait to be inspired by Dr. Jemison!

Also, TCEA has given us a sneak peak at a few of the featured speakers!
I am so excited and honored to be part of this group and look forward in sharing with all of those at TCEA in San Antonio!
Be prepared to be Fully Charged at TCEA 2019 as registration opens on September 13th!  

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