Monday, May 28, 2018

The Bookshop Girl...A Love Letter to Books and People Who Read Them!

I always love receiving special packages from Peachtree Publishers, especially when the book inside is about a few of my favorite things...bookshops and young people who love books.
The Bookshop Girl is just that! 

As I read over the notes that came with the book, I couldn't wait to read The Bookshop Girl.  This book is due out in Fall 2018 is by Sylvia Bishop and...
...illustrated by Poly Bernatene. 

It is about 11-year-old Property Jones, who middle school readers will find witty and fun, while cheering her on to solve the mystery and rescue a bookshop her family won from a nasty villan.
As the Peachtree Publishers site states,

Sylvia Bishop's exceptional and fantastical U.S. debut features a cast of memorable, quirky characters, including the resourceful Property Jones herself and her cantankerous kitten side-kick, beautiful descriptions of the tactile pleasures of books, and the magical transporting quality bookstores can have for readers. 

I feel that same type of magic when I walk into a bookstore, as I know so many young people do too.  I can't wait to share The Bookshop Girl with readers in the library as they follow Property Jones in this mysterious adventure. 
I thought The Bookshop Girl would also fit perfectly on the Picture Books and Songs That Celebrate Librarians, Libraries and Books too.  

This book will fill your book loving heart, as it did mine.  As we wait for the debut and after it comes out, please use #thebookshopgirl on Twitter and Instagram to share your excitement and that of your young readers too. 

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