Monday, May 7, 2018

A STEM-Friendly Tale of a Girl and Her Doll.... Doll-E 1.0!

I am always on the look out for new picture books focusing on STEM, making and the power of play.  When I read about this new one and the little girl character within the book, I just couldn't wait for it to arrive at our house.  

It is called Doll-E 1.0 and is....
the debut picture book from Shanda McCloskey.  As shared in the book, 

Shanda McCloskey was inspired to develop the determined, creative character of Charlotte by the entrepreneurial spirit of their family members and by watching her inventive daughters play with their toys.  

I just love that she did, because Charlotte is just the kind of book character we need more of in this world.  
You will find the reviews definitely agree!  

From the moment Doll-E starts, readers will find themselves reading and looking through the pages at all of the amazing things Charlotte is up to as a young maker.  
I love the new technologies found and...
the more traditional toys too.  Her new doll doesn't make Charlotte excited at first but....
 she soon realizes that the doll has a lot of potential for her inventive mind.
I love how Charlotte is so determined and such a problem solver, taking a toy and turning it into something else.

I know your readers and makers will love Doll-E too!  This is perfect for our Makerspaces and STEM activities.  It will inspire your students to think about not only making,
but what they can do with their imagination and toys too.  Even when not focusing on technology and making, children will love it!
You can read more about Shanda and her work at
 And guess what?  Shanda has included lots of FREE STUFF including...
 coloring sheets,
 posters and....
how to draw Doll-E and Bluetooth (her dog)! 

Thank you Shanda for Little Brown & Company for such a fun and wonderful new book!  

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