Thursday, May 10, 2018

Big News! We Can Now Create Collection Sets!

When I heard this news from Follett yesterday, I was so excited.

We can now organize Collections in Collection Sets!  

A Set is a Collection that holds resources and other Collections.  Sets can be shared with others (teachers, students, global friends, families, etc...) in the same way that a Collection is shared now. 
You can read all about this update in What's New in Collections from Follett. 
I create and work with Collections every day.  It is my favorite go-to place for curating and sharing all of the amazing resources I find and create every day.  
Earlier this year, I created 10 Collections for all of the Future Ready Librarian wedges
These are especially important to our community.  Ever since I created them, I thought it would be super helpful to have all of the wedge Collections in our main Future Ready Librarian Tools and Resources Collection
Last night with the new ability to create Collection Sets, I did just that.  Now all of the 10 wedge Collections are in our main Future Ready Librarian Collection. 

You just have to check it will love this!

Let me show you how to create a Collection Set too. It is super simple and quick. 
When you are in a Collection, there is always a little orange circle with a + sign in the right hand corner.  This is what you click on to Add an Item.  
The Add Item window pops up.  It gives you three choices.... add by URL, add by Upload and now....add by Collections. 

I clicked on Collections. 
I love this! 

It is super easy to add Collections, because it gives you a nice alphabetical list of all the Collections you have created.  It even tells you if they are Public or Private.
I went through and clicked on all 10 of the wedge Collections and a couple more that will be helpful to have in the main Future Ready Librarian Collection too.

After I checked them all, I clicked on Add at the bottom of the Collections list. 
It brought up the Collection I was adding them to and every one was at the bottom. 
You can tell they are Collections because of the black top with my name.  This shows it is a Collection I have created.  

If I click on the little three dots in the right hand corner, 
it gives me the chance to Remove the Collection too.  
Now when I look at the Collection I have created, I notice that the Future Ready Librarian Tools and Resources Collection in the upper left corner...
contains 16 items and 11 Collections.  

I can also tell that others collaborate with me on this one...that is the little people icon in the right hand corner. 

As I travel to Canada this weekend for a conference, I know what I will be doing.  I will be organizing my Collections into Sets to make sure the ones I have created are supporting and helping myself and all of the librarians, educators, students and others who are using them too.  

Thank you, Follett.  Collections just keep getting more awesome all the time!  

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