Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Over 550 Kids Shared Their Voice & Poems....They'd Love For You To Listen!

Last week, we celebrated Poem In Your Pocket Day.  A day that everyone keeps a poem in their pocket to share at school, with family and throughout the community. 

This year we took it one step further and created the Poem In Your Pocket Flipgrid so kids globally could share the poems from their pockets.  
In the last week, over 550 kids from around the world have added their poem to our Flipgrid.  This is 41 hours of engagement and the videos already have 3893 views!  Just think about how empowering that is to the kids who added their poems....It is amazing.  

They shared their voice and poem. Now want to be heard.  
So, this week please go to our Flipgrid at flipgrid.com/de0bed, take a listen and tell them what you think of their poem.  

Your students, teachers, parents and others can listen and comment too.  Maybe they even have a poem to share too.  After all, poetry can be celebrated any day of the year, not just during Poetry Month or on Poem In Your Pocket Day. 

Thank you friends.  This will mean so much to the kids who shared their poems and voice with the world!  

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