Monday, May 7, 2018

Teachin' It Real....A Brand New Podcast You Won't To Miss!

When my awesome friends told me they were starting a podcast, I couldn't wait!  I knew that Marisa Hoskins and James Waller would have so many things to share. 

Well, I was right because they have kicked off their brand new podcast, Teachin' It Real, and it is just that....a place to go to listen and talk about the real life of a teacher.  

Marisa and James are both ICT Educational Specialists in Hong Kong.  They have partnered for two years now in this role and started a podcast to give teachers a forum to share how the job impacts their lives inside and out of the classroom.  

The podcasts are all around 10 minutes and topics are everything from teachers' right to a private life to diversity in the field.  
You will find Teachin' It Real in iTunes and Soundcloud.  They have two episodes out already, which I loved listening to this morning.  Their honesty, experiences and friendship shines through.  

Congrats to Marisa and James for making a dream come true and sharing your voice with the world. 

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