Monday, May 14, 2018

5 PebbleGo Summer Projects For Your Students and Families!

When my son, Hagan, was younger, one resource that he went to throughout the summer was PebbleGo. In fact, he went there all year long
He would open it up on our computer in the kitchen, on his iPad, or ask me if he could use my laptop to look at all of the things he loved and was curious about in PebbleGo. And he wasn't the only student from our community that visited PebbleGo during the summer. In fact, it was one of the top places to go for all of our readers as they learned more about topics they were passionate about and discovered an excitement for new topics too.

As we get ready for summer break, PebbleGo should we be at the top of your list to share with students and families as we encourage learning and reading all summer long. It is something they have online at home, on-the-go and as they travel. As you know, the learning and reading never stop with PebbleGo!

Today, I want to share 5 exciting and engaging ways PebbleGo can be used as a pathway for learning and reading this summer with students, families and throughout your community too.
You will find these 5 ideas, including this PebbleGo Summer Calendar idea here at the Capstone Community.  

I would love to hear your ideas too, friend. 

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