Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Find and Follow #FutureReadyLibs, #tlchat and Other Library Inspiration On Instagram!

I love Instagram!  

I love looking at it everyday to see what my family, friends, colleagues, professionals and even places from around the world have posted.  

Instagram gives us a glimpse into amazing libraries, Makerspaces, classrooms and school communities of all kinds. It is such a wonderful platform for finding and learning about new books, ideas, resources and tons of library and technology tools and tricks.    

We can like, save and share posts.  We can even send the people we follow private messages.  

One of the things I LOVE MOST about Instagram is being able to follow a hashtag just like we follow people, libraries, organizations and others.  This is definitely one of the first spots I check! 

Let me show you how you can follow hashtags too! 

At the bottom of your Instagram click on the little Search or magnifying glass.  

You will be able to type in the top what you are searching for.  I am going to search for #FutureReadyLibs.  
It brings up #futurereadylibs and all of the posts that have been tagged with that hashtag.  You can search Top and Recent, which you will find above.

As a Future Ready Librarian, thinking about each of the gears of our framework all the time, I just love how the #futurereadylibs hashtag in Instagram brings these things to life for all of us with stories and celebrations being shared from around the world all the time. 
 The same for #tlchat.  When I searched for that, this is what came up on my Instagram.

You can do this for any hashtag or even just search to see if there is one.  If there isn't, perhaps you can start and tag the images you want to show up too.  

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