Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Music With Mr. Erdogan....Subscribe To This Awesome YouTube Channel Today!

My friend, Mr. Erdoğan, who is a film studies, music and PE teacher extraordinaire, recently shared something super cool he has created.  
It is called Music With Mr. Erdogan and is a YouTube Channel to help kids (and all of us) learn all about music! 

This is what he has to share on his YouTube page, 

Hey there! Welcome to my channel! My name is Mr. Erdoğan. I’m an elementary music teacher here to help you guys learn all things music! My channel is new, but my goal is to have a lot of recorder lessons, iPad music app tutorials, music theory lessons, and more! Music has been a part of my life since I was a child and I love helping others learn music too, but I don’t consider myself the best recorder player (I’m actually a saxophone player) so I apologise for any squeaks! 😂 If you find my lessons helpful, don’t forget to subscribe and join #TeamErdogan!! I’m aiming to upload at least once per week. Also, feel free to comment in the discussion section on specific lessons you may want me to make!
His videos are awesome (yes, you can definitely tell he teachers film), engaging and fun too!  I wish these would have been available when my kids learned now to play. They would have LOVED learning with you, Mr. Erdoğan.

For his series, Beginning Recorder Lessons, you will find twelve YouTube videos that he has done an amazing job producing.  

You can give it a try here. 

And I really LOVE this one....Learn To Play Star Wars On Recorder!  This would have been perfect to learn last week for Star Wars Day. 

Thank you, Mr. Erdoğan, for sharing your passion and talents for music.

You are awesome...I am going to go find our recorders now so Hagan and I can learn more over the summer.

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