Friday, May 4, 2018

Keep Them Reading This Summer With Thousands Of FREE eBooks In Capstone Interactive!

Our friends at Capstone have some exciting news for all of our readers for the summer!
They are offering FREE access to Capstone Interactive all summer long!  
Capstone Interactive gives every students interactive eBooks that are interesting and engaging for all levels and interests.
There are thousands of books students can access on a variety of devices including a computer and iPad.
There are very helpful filters on the left hand side of Capstone Interactive that will help your readers narrow their search through all of the thousands of eBooks. 
They can also type in a particular topic, title or subject in the top right hand corner too. For example, I typed in Library and it brought back lots of books in Capstone Interactive.
 I also typed in Baseball because I wanted to find my favorite baseball book from Michael Dahl.
I found it and opened it up to listen as it was read in the real life voice, highlighting the words as it went along. 

All of the eBooks can also be downloaded to read office. 

There are so many reasons why Capstone Interactive will keep our young people reading ALL SUMMER LONG. 

You can sign up for this awesome summer reading program from Capstone today. 

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