Saturday, May 5, 2018

Meet Yasmin...

There is a brand new little book character that I am very excited for all of you to meet.  
Her name is Yasmin and she is a Muslim, Pakistani American second-grader who has an awesome imagination that will take our readers on super fun adventures where she solves problems in unique and imaginative ways.  
Yasmin is one of Capstone's newest characters and the first children's book series from author Saadia Faruqi.  The series is illustrated by the awesome Hatem Aly. 

This is what Saadia shared with me when I asked her about creating Yasmin....

I created Yasmin because my children needed to see themselves reflected in the books they were reading. As first generation Americans they often feel "othered" because of their culture, religion and even how they look. I wanted kids like mine to know they were accepted, and I wanted all kids everywhere to realize that one can be different but still American.
I love how Saadia wove special Muslim traditions throughout each book. She also made her family a big part of the series too.

Our readers will enjoy getting to know....
 Yasmin's Mama, Baba, Nani and Nana, who are also sweet and interesting characters,
while learning all about Yasmin too! 
 The four books in the Yasmin series are amazing and include Yasmin the Builder, 
 Yasmin the Painter, 
 Yasmin the Explorer and....
Yasmin the Fashionista!  All of our readers will LOVE all of the things Yasmin can do!  
You will find Yasmin and all of this information on the site.

In fact, you will find...
 so many of the terrific Capstone characters....
so don't forget to take a look at all of them include under Characters on too.
When you visit Yasmin on, you will find lots of information to share with your readers including the Yasmin Activity Kit. You can download this kit here.
 Just look at all of these activities that tie into each one of the books in the series so nicely.

The Yasmin Activity Kit will be perfect for the library, classroom and even for making it available to send home with your students.  They will love exploring and getting to know Yasmin even more. 

Get ready to have Yasmin join you in your library and classroom on August 1, 2018!  I can't wait to introduce her to so many librarians, teachers and little people this fall.  

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