Sunday, December 13, 2015

You Will Love The Winter Holiday Classroom Activities from Storyboard That!

As we prepare for the holidays and celebrate the winter season that is upon us, it is always special to tie this time of year into the curriculum and the skills we are teaching our students. 

One place that I love to bring students and teachers to for creating these type of engaging activities and projects is Storyboard That....
and just wait until you see the Winter Holiday Classroom Activities Teacher Guide that Anna Warfield created.
Your students will be inspired to create amazing winter and holiday storyboards.  They have put together several that you can tie into your lesson plans...or perhaps to use just for fun, like at a holiday party, during indoor recess time or for an idea to send home over winter break.

These Storyboard That ideas include....
Have fun sharing these with your students, teachers and families this holiday season....And remember that Storyboard That has so much to offer all of us all throughout the year.

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