Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Remind Translate Has Expanded To 90 Languages Tying Our Communities & Connections Together Even More

Remind had an awesome announcement last week.  They have expanded Remind Translate on the web and mobile app!  
You now have the option to translate messages before sending them to individuals, groups or the entire class.  Participants will receive the translated message and not the original, whether they are receiving notification by text, the app, web or email.  

You can read the article about the announcement from Remind here
To translate a message before sending is easy.  All you have to do it type your message in the box, click on the globe icon and Select a language.  

There are several popular ones that already pop up or you can select More to see all of the languages available in Remind Translate.
The translate message will appear and you can send it.  Or you can also schedule the message to be delivered.

This will be an awesome feature to include for sending your students, families, teachers and others messages through Remind.
Just think how this could be used in a foreign language class or when collaborating with other schools and classrooms around the world.

Thank you Remind for making communicating and connecting even easier and more powerful.  

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