Sunday, December 20, 2015

The GoNoodle At Home Winter Challenge Will Keep Your Family Moving Over The Holidays

I was excited to see this exciting news from our friends at GoNoodle...especially with winter break coming up for us this week.

The GoNoodle at Home Winter Challenge will keep your own family and students moving over the holidays....and promote lots of fun, togetherness and giggles too.
GoNoodle has made it very easy to share this with your students and families by sending this letter home.  You just have to click here...
log in or sign up for free if you haven't already.
This will pop up once you are logged in and it will let you download the GoNoodle at Home Winter Challenge PDF, in English or Spanish.

You will get....
 a letter...
 a puzzle to fill out as you work through each GoNoodle video in the challenge and....
another that will ask questions about specific videos from the challenge.

GoNoodle keeps our kids and schools moving throughout the year....Let's bring it to our homes over winter break and into the new year too.

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