Thursday, December 17, 2015

We Created, Produced and Published Our Winter Story With Over 135 Schools From Around The World

Over the last month, children, teachers, communities and families around the world have created winter stories, songs, poetry, recipes, books, art work, personal narratives, maps and so many other beautiful projects to add to the Winter Around The World project.  
You can read all about the project on our Winter Around The World Project Tackk.  

We used the Cantata Learning book Winter...The Coldest Season of All as our inspiration for this will be just the first of many wonderful projects supported by other Cantata and Capstone books and resources.  

We can't wait to tell you more about the upcoming projects which include birthday celebrations and nursery rhymes.  
I pulled all of the posts, pictures and other resources being shared about the Winter Around The Project here on this Padlet.  

We can continue to share on this with the special news, sharing and creating from your school community too.  

With all of the special winter projects being created, it was time to produce and publish an eBook so it would be shared with everyone around the world.  
For this project, I used two of my favorite digital tools....eduBuncee and FlipSnackEdu.  These are both digital storytelling tools with a few features that make each unique. 

Using eduBuncee, Brianna, who is an intern for Cantata, and myself created a Happy Holidays Buncee from Cantata and Capstone.  We picked several projects from around the world to include in this one, along with a fun video from our team too.  
Next it was time to pull together all of the winter projects for our global story.  Everyone who participated in the project added their winter stories to the collaborative Google Presentation using as many slides or pages needed.  This one was very very large with almost 500 pages.  

My friend Molly Chester helped me by condensing this Google Presentation and turning it into a clickable PDF.  It was awesome because the links within the slides stayed embedded. 
For this one, I used FlipSnackEdu.  It worked out perfect with the size and allowed me to upload the clickable PDF that Molly had created.  

I used a few of the slides I had created within eduBuncee....and just love the way these two smashed together so nicely.  
Brianna also created the Index For Our Global Winter Around The World Story to make it easier to search through the amazing projects.  This is located in the front of the FlipSnackEdu too. 
So here it is, friends.  The global story that we all had a voice in and one that will be very special when teaching others around the world about what winter means to us.  

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