Friday, December 11, 2015

When Asked For New Book Ideas The 2nd Graders Came Up With Awesome Ones For Kat & Cantata Learning!

Over the last several weeks my friends Tracy Ferguson, Staci Braun, their 2nd graders in Van Meter and I have been collaborating with Cantata Learning on the Winter Around the World project.
We Skyped with songwriter Lisa Bell and illustrator Emily Brooks...
and had an awesome jam session with music producer Mark Oblinger and product manger Kat Coughlan, who all had a part in creating our project inspiration Winter...The Coldest Season of All

The 2nd graders loved these Skype's because it not only connected them to the winter book and song, but it also connected them to all of the Cantata Learning books which are part of their classroom collection and used in so many wonderful ways.
During our Skype's, they were very excited to see Kat because of this connection to Cantata.  During one of the conversations, she asked the 2nd graders for their ideas for new books.

Of course they were thrilled to be asked and couldn't wait to share their ideas!
Kim James, their teacher librarian, created a Padlet to capture Our Cantata Ideas.  You can check it out here.

Then the children went to the Padlet and added their own ideas.

We loved seeing what they came up with and hope that Kat and the Cantata Learning team love them too.

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