Tuesday, December 15, 2015

From My Daughter Brianna's Blog.... "Featured On The Padlet Blog For The 'Hour of Code' Padlet We Created!"

My daughter Brianna blogs almost every day on her wonderful blog, Living Light & Breezy.  It is my favorite blog to read and everyday she posts something helpful, fun and always worthy to share with others.

Today she posted Featured On The Padlet Blog For The "Hour of Code" Padlet We Created!

With the work that Brianna and I do together (a post coming about this coming later today), we get to work on a lot of really awesome projects together.  A couple of the recent ones are the Padlets we have been creating for Hour of Code and Winter & Holiday books.
To make this even more special, Padlet featured our Coding Padlet, along with a terrific post, on their blog Graffiti yesterday.  What a honor....and to be a story of the work Brianna and I do together makes it just the best.

You can read the post from Padlet's blog here.

And don't forget to check out Brianna's post....and follow her blog at Living Light & Breezy for many more amazing posts.

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