Thursday, December 10, 2015

Scan To "Learn How To Code".....Something Special To Give Your Students During The Hour Of Code

There is so much excitement in the air this week with Hour of Code!  Our students are getting involved, learning how to code and finding a new passion with all of the different websites, apps, and robotic applications there are available to them.  

We want to make sure to keep them connected to these resources and activities after this week too.  

One thing that I created for my students was a little card that said Scan to learn how to code!  

I wanted to make sure they could add the coding resources that we used on their own devices at home and school.  It was a wonderful way for parents and others to add and use the coding apps, websites and other resources too.  
I took the link to the Coding Coding Coding Symbaloo that I created, which you can find here
I then pulled up a free QR Code Generator.  The one above can be found here.    
I took the url to the Symbaloo to create the QR code.  You can download it and even embed these QR codes, which is what I did above.   

For the cards I created, I just took a screen shot...I find that the easiest way to work with graphics. 
I then created a fun business size card with the QR code to the Symbaloo and a little title saying Scan to learn how to code at the top.
I put four on a sheet and ran them off on card stock.  I handed these out to students, teachers, parents and anyone who wanted to learn how to code.  I made sure they were in lots of spaces within the school and library.

(You can find the sheet with four cards above here.)

I also created full size posters to put up around the school and even in the public library.

Just by doing this little thing, it made a big difference when integrating coding into our school district and within the homes of our young people.  It kept them connected to something they loved doing and gave them resources on their own devices to continue the learning, creating, and connecting they started during Hour of Code.

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