Thursday, December 17, 2015

LEGO Advent Calendar....One More Thing To Inspire Creativity, Building & Fun From LEGO

One of Hagan's favorite things to play and create with are LEGO's.

They pop up all around our house and I know he is hoping there are some under the Christmas Tree this year too.

Well during the month of December we have also loved following the LEGO Advent Calendar on the Creator page of their website.
Each day through the month of December LEGO adds something fun for Hagan to build and try out. This gives him lots of new ideas and also leads him to the other things on their site including....
Building Tips, Animation Station, Apps, Games, Videos, Activities and so much more.  You can find all of these things here.

Hagan can't wait to start building over break.  And I can't wait to share some of these resources to inspire him even more.

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