Friday, December 11, 2015

Did You Miss "Everybody Code: Teaching and Learning an Essential 21st-century Skill" From Follett Learning? Don't Worry...The Recording Is Here!

This week I had the honor of presenting Everyone Code: Teaching and Learning an Essential 21st-century Skill sponsored by Follett Learning.

It was such a fun hour filled with sharing ideas, reasons, resources and lots of possibilities for bringing coding into your libraries, classrooms and school community.  And WOW...did I learn a lot preparing and presenting this webinar too.  There is definitely something for everyone with coding.

With Hour of Code week being here, it was very helpful to so many and we had a lively conversation during and after the webinar.
You can now go to the Follett Community to view the webcast recording of Everybody Code: Teaching and Learning an Essential 21st-century Skill.  
Included on this page you will find the recording and be able to view the Q & A, slide deck and a certificate of attendance for attendees of the live event and for watching the recording.

Also, make sure you follow the ongoing conversation on Twitter at #FollettLearning and on Follett Learning's Facebook. It was great going back to look at the Twitter conversation that happened during the webinar too.
At the Follett Community, you can find such amazing resources and information, including this webinar and others.  You can find it here.

Enjoy the webinar...We hope this inspires you to bring coding to your students, teachers and community too.

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