Saturday, December 19, 2015

Check Out Santa Tracker from Google.....Maps, Cards, Coding, Learning, Translations, Tracking and Talking To Santa & So Much More!

One of the best resources from Google this holiday season has been Santa Tracker!  I just love all this site has to offer our children and families.  
With Santa Tracker we can explore, play and learn with Santa's Elves all December long.  It is filled with places to....
 Play and....
Look what they included last week during Hour of Code week.   I will show you more about this below. 
And each day they add one more fun place to go!  Today they added City Lights which let me travel around the world looking at how other places celebrated the holidays.  
 With my daughter in Brianna and her husband Jaden living in Belgium, I looked up Christmas lights close to them.
I found Brussels and WOW, they are beautiful.  You can even move yourself around in Google Maps to get an amazing view and add your own photos to these Google Maps.
It is so much fun going to Santa Tracker every day in December to see what they have included. 
There is something for everyone including....

 North Pole Airport where you can dress up elves,
 Holiday Traditions...
 where I looked for Brianna again and traditions from France,
 Code Lab and
 Code Boogie to teach and practice coding skills,
 where I learned a few holiday phrases in French (you can even hear them as you practice),
 Santa Cards....
where the holiday message can be shared using a link or to social media including Facebook and Twitter,
 Map Quiz to guess and play around the world,
Call from Santa.....who makes personal phone calls to North American phone numbers and sends personal messages on Google+ and email 24 hours a day...

and so much more throughout the month.  
Hagan and I are having great fun working through the month to see what pops up on the website each day.  

We can't wait to track Santa on the 24 throughout the night using Google Map.  
At the bottom of the Santa Tracker website, there is a place to help fund a special needs project on  This is a wonderful way to support classrooms and make a difference for so many children and teachers.

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