Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Let's Get Moving With Cantata Learning!

Music promotes healthy movement while releasing energy, tension and celebrating happiness.

And Cantata Learning is the perfect spot to get moving!

With over 150 stories paired with wonderful songs covering all areas of the curriculum, Cantata Learning is just right for bringing movement to any library and classroom.

As you do this, I created something special that will help you get moving with Cantata Learning too!
I put this together in Canva, which is a free graphic design tool and perfect for all kinds of educational applications.

I found a template I liked, added the Cantata Learning logo and a stock photo that I paid $1.00 for.
I then took the url to the Cantata Learning Music page which contains every single song and....
created a free QR code for the flyer.

I used QR Code Generator, which you can find here.

Once the QR code was created, I downloaded it to my laptop.  I then uploaded the QR code into the Let's Get Moving creation.
Underneath the QR code I typed very easy directions for scanning to get to all of the Cantata Learning songs.

These could be flyers, posters, notes to take home and terrific for sharing on social media and email networks.
I also took the Cantata Learning card and changed how many would print on a page so I could create business cards to hand out too.

Anything that would make easier to get the Cantata Learning music into their hands and hearts.
I also shared this design with all of you through an editable link.  You can find that here.  This way you will be able to copy or change this design anyway you'd like.

And get moving with Cantata Learning too!

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