Sunday, November 20, 2016

Sing, Learn & Create Interactive Postcards Using Buncee With Cantata Learning's Song of the Week...Home On The Range!

Home, home on the range, 
where the deer and the antelope play. 
where seldom is heard a discouraging word, 
and the skies are not cloudy all day. 

I remember singing this song in the car when I was little as we drove across the plains and through the mountains on our family vacation.  I would imagine a covered wagon, horses and a little girl my age with her family riding across the frontier.  

Well now there is the perfect book and song for you to share with your students from Cantata Learning as they learn about what makes a prairie home peaceful too.  

Home on the Range is retold by Steven Anderson, illustrated by Maxime Lebrun and the music arranged and produced by Erik Koskinen.  
In fact, you can even listen to the song here
On the Cantata Learning blog, you will also find a lesson for Home on the Range as we kick off this one for the Song of the Week!
This lesson teachers students all about different geographic areas.  Students will enjoy singing along to the classic tune while they learn about different geographic features, climate conditions, and natural resources.  

Part of the lesson includes an exercise in writing a poem that includes three facts about ranges.  
There are also a few extensions including a terrific one asking students to create a digital postcard sharing a specific region in the United States.
They will use eduBuncee to create their digital postcard.
Students can research plains a little bit more using Capstone's PebbleGo Living On The Plains article in the PebbleGo Social Studies database.

You can find out more about PebbleGo here.
Also, the National Park Service Children's Corner gives students access to information on dozens of National Parks around the United States.   With these resources and Home on the Range, they will be ready to create a beautiful Buncee of a special location within the United States.
Here is an example of a digital postcard of Rocky Mountain National Park that Hagan created here.

If you click on the video box in the corner, you will be able to sing along to Home on the Range.  

Once the postcards are complete, these can be shared or even stitched together in Buncee creating a collaborative, classroom Buncee to share.

Read more about stitching here.
Here is another Buncee Background that would be perfect to use with this book and postcard project too.  You can get to this one here.
You can order this book and all of the Cantata Learning titles from Capstone.

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