Thursday, November 3, 2016

Coding With LEGO....Bits & Bricks!

Today I got an email called...Choose Your Hour of Code Like Never Before!  

And boy were they right!  I have spent a lot of the night looking through over 150 coding activities on the site.  You can start exploring here too.

When I got way to the bottom of the page, a very special one popped up.  It is called...

I was so excited to see this!  

Coding and LEGO's....It can't get any better than that and the kids are going to flip for this one!  
In this game, you help Bit solve the challenges by figuring out which programs are needed.  You do this by creating a sequence of small behavior blocks that tells Bit what to do. 
To start, you choose a Challenge.  
It opens up into the Challenge where you code.
If you need help, there are a few places to go including these help links at the bottom of the page and...
 This Move Bit by Bit sheet will walk you through everything they might do.
They have also created awesome Teacher Notes for Bits & Bricks too!  You can find them here. 

I love the objective...Have fun while using basic math and logic to solve creative puzzles.  

I know you and your students will have fun with Bits & Bricks...and all of Hour of Code, too!  

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