Sunday, November 6, 2016

Two Coding Games & A Whole Lot More On!

I love seeing all of the different free educational computer games that has created for kids!  

They offer hundreds of fun, engaging learning activities that are perfect for school, home and on the go. 
As we are getting ready for Hour of Code coming up in December, check out the two coding games on Lightbot and Robot Islands.  
I really like how each game in is connected to the Common Core Standards.

If you click on that link within the game, it will take you to a small list with details of how standards are connected to that game.  

You can see in the picture above how Robot Islands is connected to several, which will be helpful when planning Hour of Code and using these games in your library and classroom.
There are also a handful perfect to bring into the library including Cup Stack Typing, Cyber-Five and others.
Hagan likes to look at the Games of the Week located at the bottom of the home page.  
We also enjoy all of the awesome apps that are available for the iPhone and iPad.  You can find them all here.
 A favorite of ours is ABCya Animate, which allows you to make and share animations using an iPad.
 Look how fun this one is!
You can even insert photographs and animate over the top.  

As you can see is the place to go for free educational apps.  I know you and your students will love it too! 

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