Sunday, November 27, 2016

4 Special People In History Through Stories, Songs and Creative Paper & Digital Puppet Activities and Cantata Learning!

What a special way to teach your students about one of the most important women in history.....with a beautifully illustrated story and song.

Especially this week as we get ready to celebrate Rosa Park Day on December 1st!
Rosa Parks became the model for others to learn and follow. 

She gave hope to all who wanted to be free. 
You will find The First Lady of Civil Rights Rosa Parks on the Cantata Learning site where you can stream or download the song here.
And something new with the brand new website....You can download all of the sheet music for each book.

I love thinking of all the ways we can use this with our students in the library, classroom and even as a home connection as a family.
You will also find a wonderful lesson plan for this book.  Under the Resources heading, you will find dozens of lesson plans including one for....
 First Lady of Civil Rights.  
You can see it here too.   Every Cantata Learning lesson plan includes rich extensions.  This one includes...
art and technology. 
One art extension that would be super meaningful and fun with this book is to create paper bag puppets of Rosa Parks and other important people in history.  There are many ways to create paper bag puppets.  You will find lots of ideas from this Pinterest Board, Paper Bag Puppets

After their puppets are created, the students can act out the part of history they are known for.

For example, with the Rosa Park puppet and a bus puppet, they could act out that December day in 1955 when Rosa Parks refused to move to the back of the bus while listening and singing First Lady of the Civil Rights from Cantata Learning.
As they are acting out the Cantata Learning books with their puppets, you can capture it on video and turn it into a movie using YouTube Creator Studio, which is a free movie creation tool within YouTube or from the free app.
You can get the app here.
Students will also love creating puppet shows with the free app Puppet Pals.

With this app, students can create their very own puppet show with animation and audio. After they select their characters and other elements of production, the Cantata Learning books could even be played and recorded, as they act out the story while singing along.
Our First President, George Washington; Peaceful Leader: Martin Luther King, Jr.; and He Changed Our Great Nation: Abraham Lincoln are others from Cantata Learning that would be perfect to use as well.

These are part of the America's Leaders Set which can be found here.
You can order this beautiful set of books and songs from Capstone here.

Your students will love learning about these four special people in history through stories, songs and creative paper and digital puppet activities too!

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