Wednesday, November 30, 2016

12 Things You Won't Want To Miss On The NEW Cantata Learning Website!

Cantata Learning has a beautiful new website!  I couldn't wait to share this with all of you. 

Not only is it interactive, engaging and fun....It is filled with music, stories, resources and information for your library, classroom and all of the children you work with at school and home. 

In fact, here are 10 things you definitely won't want to miss on the new Cantata Learning website. 
1.  You will find all of the Cantata Learning books and songs on the home page!  There are songs to enhance every aspect of your curriculum. 

They are organized into the different subjects which makes it easy to find and play them.  
2.  All of the songs are free to stream or download.  You will find this on the page for each title.

You can even stream or download just the instrumental version. 
3.  The sheet music is also available to download.  You will also find that on the page for each title. 

You can print this off or use it with an overhead projector or device.  
4. You can browse the catalog for all of the books and music.
You can even explore the Cantata Learning products by selecting subjects, genre, reading and interest level, series and music genre.
5. On the home page, there is a carousel of Featured Titles.  I love seeing the new ones that pop up on here.

To view a title all you have to do is click on that cover.
 6.  Also on the home page you will find Storytime Videos, Cantata Learning stories being read by me!

When you click on Find Storytime Videos it will take you to...
 the Storytime Videos page.

These are fun to play for your students as a class or even in a small group.  And just think how much individual students will love watching these at school and home.
 7.  You will find the Cantata Learning Harmony Projects from the link at the tool bar on the top.  It will show you all three of the projects and even the individual school projects too.

This is a great place to get ideas for using Cantata Learning stories and songs in your own library and classroom too.
8.  Under Resources, you will find lots of new ideas and inspiration.

One of my favorite places to go under Resources is to several rich lesson plans that we have developed for the Cantata Learning stories and songs.
You will also find these under Lesson and Project Ideas.   
 9.  Also under Resources, you will find....
 Presentations and...
Tips for Using Cantata Learning. 
10.  On the Cantata Learning Blog, this is where you will find posts with news, events and presentations.
For example, last week we posted a new article I wrote A Teacher Librarian Shares Her Best Practices for Tuneful Teaching for Edvocate.

We posted it on the Cantata Learning blog too.
11.  Under About Cantata Learning, you will find the amazing infographic created Learning With Music and all of the information you need to show how to use the stories and songs to help students build skills and meet standards.
12.  The last thing I wanted to point out is the Cantata Learning Leadership Team, which I am very proud to be part of!  I am the Teacher Librarian Consultant.

You will find all of us under the About Cantata Learning page too!

I hope you enjoy these 12 reasons and even more on the new Cantata Learning site!

I find something new every time I visit and love the way it supports us in using all of the songs, stories and other fabulous resources we are creating for our young learners.

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