Sunday, November 20, 2016

5 Ways To Bring Tangible Coding Activities & Reading To Hour Of Code Through Robotics!

With Hour of Code right around the corner December 5-11, we are all looking for amazing coding experiences to bring to our students.

When you are making these plans, don't forget that robotics can be a big part of coding. With robotics, you can bring tangible coding activities and fun into your spaces too!

There are various places you can find ideas and resources.
First, go to and look at all the wonderful robotics coding activities they brought together.
With each activity, just click on it to find out all of the details.

Once you click Start, 
that will take you in a downloadable PDF with a detailed plan to follow.  All of these activities are free too. isn't the only place to find activities for using robotics with coding and Hour of Code.
On the Computer Science Education Week site, you can find...
My Robotic Friends, which is a Thinkersmith's Unplugged Hour of Code activity,
Ozobot's Hour of Code and...
...Hour of Code with the Tickle App, where you can learn to program drones, robots, ardurino, swift and iPhone games.
There are also dozens of amazing books about robots for your young readers and special read alouds.

In my post We Love Robots....They Are Everywhere, you will find this Pinterest Board and few others to tie into your robotic activities too.

As you can see there are lots of ways to bring robotics into your Hour of Code and coding programs throughout the year.

What ways are you bringing Hour of Code and robotics to your library and classroom too? 
You can also sign up for Hour of Code and all of the activities here.

This is one of the best things I brought to all of the students, teachers and families through the library program.  I know you will think so too!

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