Sunday, October 30, 2016

Padlet Gives Us Teacher Templates & An Easy Way To Remake Padlets Too!

One of my favorite digital tools to use is Padlet!

I use it for collaboration, crowdsourcing, note taking, curating resources and to bring people together during conferences and events.  It is an awesome tools for teachers, students and parents alike.

There have been a few updates to Padlet over the last year too.  One of my favorite is that we can now Remake any Padlet.

In the Padlet at the top, our friends at Padlet have shared several Template Padlets for School that we can Remake and use as our own.

It is easy to do!
Go to the Template Padlets for School

Pick one that you would like to Remake.  Click on the Padlet and you will find Remake in the right hand corner, as circled above.
When you Remake a Padlet you have a few choices.

You can change the Title and Description.  You can also choose What to Copy....either Copy Design or Copy Posts.  

This makes it so easy and fun to use, share and create with Padlet!  I know you will think so too.

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