Thursday, October 6, 2016

These 5th Grade Rappers Create A Song For Their School For The Cantata Learning Harmony Project!

My friend Katie Seivert and her 5th graders at Van Meter are creating some awesome projects about their community!  
They are participating in the Give A Shout Out To Your Community Harmony Project with Cantata Learning.  
She has one group working on a rap.  

In fact, last week we worked with our new friend Desdamona, who is a hip-hop and spoken word artist from Minneapolis, Minnesota, on writing and performing their Van Meter rap. 

You can read all about this day here

So this week when we all saw Katie's tweet about her 5th graders and the rap,  I couldn't wait for them to share it with all of us for the Harmony Project.  
You can listen to the VM Rap Song too!  
When they have finished their projects, Ms. Seivert will go to the bottom of the project page and click on Submit Your Project. 

This will take her to the Google Slides presentation we have set up.  
The directions are included on this first slide. 

These 5th graders are making an impact in their community and globally with the work they are doing. 
We want your students to do the same so please join our project and Give A Shout Out To Your Community too! 

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