Wednesday, October 12, 2016

10 New Free Lesson Plans To Go Along With The Cantata Learning Books and Songs!

Did you know there are wonderful lesson plans available for the Cantata Learning books and songs?
They are located on the Cantata Learning Blog found here.
Each Cantata Learning Lesson Plan is packed full of wonderful resources, ideas and fun!

In the side bar on the first page, you will find all of the Materials, Objectives, Vocabulary and links to the Free Cantata Song needed to conduct your Main Activity and Procedure. 
On the second page you will find lots of amazing Extensions including Technology, Language Arts, Music and Art, PE, Health, Science and more.  These vary from lesson to lesson for what we will include.

At the bottom of that page, you will also find the Standards.  

This week I am excited to share that we have 10 NEW Cantata Learning Lesson Plans available on our blog!

You just have to check these out.....
You can find all 10 of these and more on the Cantata Learning blog.

We can't wait to hear and see how you are using the Cantata Learning books and songs in your library, classroom and home too.

Please share any ideas in the Comments of this post.

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