Thursday, October 6, 2016

The Song of the Month Is OUT OF THIS WORLD!

It is time for a new Cantata Learning Song of the Month and this one is out of this world!  
The song of the month for October is Visit The Planets by Wes Schuck and illustrated by Marcin Piwowarski
Please visit the site here to sign up to receive a FREE song every month!  
This fun story and songs takes our readers on a journey through the major characteristics of the planets in our solar system.
As with all Cantata Learning books, the sheet music and lyrics are located towards the back of the book and...
the music is available online (and on a CD in the back of book) for everyone to listen to.  You can listen to Visit the Planets here too.
There are several important science terms that we want our children to understand so the words from the story are included in the Glossary, along with...
three engaging Activities and a To Learn More list of resources too. 
When you visit the Cantata Learning Blog, you will find a wonderful lesson plan for Visit the Planets.  
In celebration of World Space Week, help your students learn about our solar system.  
In this lesson, students will learn to identify stars, planets, and satellites and how they move in relation to one another.  
Students will role-play as an alien in the extension activities as a way to ignite their imaginations and improve their Language, Arts and Technology skills. 

Here are a few other activities and ideas to bring into this special week and to pair with Visit the Planets.....

and an Easy Alien

You can order the print and eBook from Capstone here
Visit the Planets is part of the My First Science Series which are perfect in pairing core science content with an original song and story to help students understand and get excited about these wonderful topics too. 

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