Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Where Did My Instagram Go, Hagan?

You all know I love taking pictures to share on Instagram.  

I love being able to add my own little touches to each picture before I save and share them with my wonderful Instagram network and through other social networks like Facebook and Twitter.  

It is also one of my favorite places to follow my kids and what they are thinking and doing each day.  
So last week when Hagan asked me to check out his new Instagram post, I couldn't find the Instagram app on my iPhone .  

I said, Where is my Instagram?   

Hagan said, Mom, it's a new app.  It is the one in the corner.
What?  When did Instagram change?  And how was I going to get use to this new app?

I loved the look of my old Instagram.

But as the night went on, I took some time to visit the Instagram blog where I watched this video.

After this I realized that Instagram created this bright new app for all of us....the ones who love our Instagram community already. 

The clean, fresh look is beautiful and I love how it focuses on the pictures and videos we add everyday. 
One of my favorite features that Instagram recently added is the ability to follow notifications of specific Instagram accounts.  

At the top of each account, in the right hand corner, you will find three little dots.  

Click on those and... 
this menu pops up on the screen.  You can go to the bottom to Turn On Post Notifications.  

You can also Turn Off Post Notifications too. 

This is the perfect way to stay connected to the Instagram accounts that you love to follow, like Capstone and all of the fun they stir up through books, authors, events and more.  
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