Thursday, May 19, 2016

Kat McGee Is Perfect For Summer Reading....And Lots Of Others From The SCBWI Summer Reading List 2016!

A wonderful summer reading list for 2016 has been announced.  

As the SCBWI website states, 

The Reading List Program includes books of all genres from our PAL authors and illustrators, both front list and backlist titles.  

And I LOVE how they are looking for those titles that our young readers will enjoy and can engage with the fun and adventure of reading. 
The SCBWI Summer 2016 list can be found here.  All of the books are grouped by geographical region of the author or illustrator which makes it really interesting to explore too. 

I saw so many amazing titles that I want to read and share with my friends.  

One book and publisher I want to give a big shout out to is Kat MeGee Saves America and my friends at In This Together Media.  
Kat McGee Saves America is one of Kristin Riddick's wonderful Kat McGee Adventures.  
This is the perfect book for summer reading as it prepares our readers for the 4th of July celebrations and gives them a glimpse into the history of American history and revolution.   

To celebrate summer reading, In This Together Media is giving away two copies of Kat McGee Saves America.  

All you have is send a tweet to me @shannonmmiller that says why your students would love this book too! 
You can find this book and the other Kat McGee books here.  

We have loved reading these in the library and at home....I know your readers will love them too. 

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