Friday, May 6, 2016

Combine Technology, Music and Literacy For A Powerful Learning Experience

Our children enjoy reading from eBooks.  Not only do they love the interactive, engaging format of eBooks, they can also access them at home, school and anywhere they have a device to read them on.
As I sit in the Winnipeg airport, I just shared one of my favorite Cantata Learning books with a little boy sitting next to me.

We read and sang Big Rock Candy Mountains which is one that jumps off of the pages with its playful words and colorful, candy like illustrations.

Did you know that you can get all of the Cantata Learning books as eBooks?  I love that they are all available as eBooks giving our young readers so much access to these wonderful books and songs.
When each Cantata Learning eBook opens up within Capstone Interactive, it is an experience that all readers will love!

The words are highlighted as read aloud.  This is a terrific feature for emerging readers as they can hear the words and match them up with the text as it is being read and sang aloud.
Both of these features can be turned off and on in each eBook.
If you go to the end of the book to the Song Lyrics page, (which is found in every Cantata Learning book), it sings through the entire song....
highlighting the words as you go.

This would be great for children to use independently, but also as a whole group the music or regular classroom and library.  They could follow along with the giant page as the words are highlighted as they sing.

How fun would that be for your students?

And remember, all of these features work at home too. They can read and sing the eBooks with parents, grandparents, siblings, friends and by themselves.
Within all Cantata Learning eBooks, you will find the special features including Glossary, Guided Reading Activities, To Learn More, Sheet Music and other important information.
Also, each one of the books include a Summary, Book Information, and More Titles From The Series which is very helpful to all of us.  
For more information, please read Combine Technology and Literacy for a Powerful Learning Experience on the Cantata Learning blog.   
There is a short video about the important and ideas for using eBooks too. 

For more information on the Cantata Learning eBooks, you can visit the Capstone website.  

It is the perfect time to add these Cantata Learning eBooks to your collection with summer approaching.  With these beautiful eBooks, the singing, reading and learning can continue all summer long.  

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