Monday, May 9, 2016

Jumping & Singing Through The Life Cycle Of A Frog With Cantata Learning Song Of the Week!

Frogs begin as tadpoles and then start growing up, up, up into adults!  The cycle's never ending. 

I love this one!
Can you imagine how fun it would be to use this wonderful Cantata Learning book with your young learners as they leave about the life cycle of a frog?

The Song of the Week from Cantata Learning, From Tadpole to Frog by Steven Anderson and illustrated by Marcin Piwowarski, will keep everyone jumping to learn!
And don't forget that each Cantata book has a super awesome song to go with it.  This will get them singing too!

You must listen to From Tadpole to Frog!  You can find it here online and in the back of the book on a CD.
There are lots of ideas and projects that tie into tadpoles to frogs too!  

First, did you know there is a day just for frog jumping?  It is coming up on May 13th!  You can read more about it here at Frog Jumping Day May 13.
I love this sweet little art project from Crayola called Tadpole to Frog.  You will find the lesson plan and materials that you need.
And look at this blog post.... 25 Easy Frog and Toad Ideas and Activities
This one is adorable and fun!  All of the little ones could become frogs as you learn about the life cycle together.   

You can find the Frog Craft Visor Hat here. 
To find out more information about From Tadpole to Frog visit Capstone's website here.  

This one is part of the life cycles series from Cantata Learning. 

We hope you have a blast jumping and singing through the life cycle of a frog with this wonderful Song of the Week!  

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