Monday, May 2, 2016

Give Them A Song To Sing While Helping Out With Chores At Home & School

We always want to give our children a little extra encouragement and fun as they help out around at home and school.

Cantata Learning has the perfect song that will do just that.....and it happens to be the Song of the Week, just in time for Mother's Day too!
Every day there are chores to do so get them done and have some fun will carry children through this wonderful song of making the bed, feeding the cat, brushing their teeth, picking up toys and more.

In each Cantata Learning book, you will find the sheet music and lyrics, like the picture above, along with the music in the back of the book on a CD and online.
You can listen to These Are The Chores We Do and find out more information about the book here.

If you would like to download, you can do that from the Cantata website too.

As you share this fun Song of the Week, think about having your students and children create their very own chore song.
The instrumental of These Are The Chores We Do can be found here and is the perfect accompaniment to their original song.

With Mother's Day on May 8, wouldn't it be fun to create a brand new chore song for them. This would be a very special gift for any mom, grandma or teacher.
This song, and all Cantata titles, are available in eBook format as well.

You can find more information on these here.
Here are a few resources where you can find more chore ideas too.  

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