Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Crossword Labs, Jeopardy Labs, Bingo Baker, & Word Search Labs....Four Places To Create Educational Fun For Students!

Over the weekend, I saw a tweet from Tony Vincent mentioning Crossword Labs.  
When I saw that we can build crossword puzzles by inputing words and clues into Crossword Labs, I couldn't wait to try it out myself. 

It was the perfect week to make a picture book crossword puzzle with Children's Book Week being here. 

I went to Crossword Labs.  

It opened up the image above where I added my Crossword Title. I then added my words and clues in the box below that.  It is important to enter the word, a space, and then a clue...just like they instruct you to do.  

Once you have all of your words and clues added to the box, you click on Generate at the bottom of the screen.  

Your crossword puzzle has been created!

With Crossword Labs, you can build, print, share and solve puzzles online.  And it is FREE!
Matt Johnson created Crossword Labs and three other awesome online projects including....
 Jeopardy Labs
Bingo Baker
and Word Search Labs.

You now have four places to create a little educational fun for your students too!

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  1. It seems interesting that the same person created all 4 of these websites!!! If you look at the names, it is obvious that this is true!!! I knew about 3 of the 4 before I read this, and now I know about all 4 of them!!! The 3 that I knew about were word search labs, crossword labs, and jeopardy labs. What I didn't know is that there was a 4th one called bingo baker!!! I'm guessing you can make bingo cards with the 4th one, crosswords with the crossword one, word searches with the word search one, and jeopardy games with the jeopardy one!!! I hope this makes sense to anyone who reads this because I think the names pretty much tell you what the websites can do for you!!! You can reply if you agree!!! Thanks for reading!!! Bye!!!