Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Try The Coolest Twitter Trick....QR Code Tweets!

I love to tweet.  I love Twitter.  

I use Twitter everyday for so many things. 

One of my favorite ways to use Twitter is to share things that I have learned and experienced. It could be books, Hagan playing football, a new illustrator, a project with a digital tool, or even a picture of a bookstore we are visiting.  

A few weeks ago when were at the TLA Conference in Houston, Texas, we learned something new that I couldn't wait to share on Twitter.  
My friend Matt Croyle, who works for Capstone, showed me the coolest Twitter trick!  
He had me scan this QR code on his phone.  

(You can give it a try now too!) 

It took me into Twitter and...
this tweet popped up.  By scanning that special QR code that Matt created, it generated this tweet about Capstone to use during #TXLA16.  

I was so excited!  I asked Matt if he would create one for the Cantata Learning presentation I was doing in the Capstone booth the next day.  
I added the QR code to my Google Slides.

When we got to that slide, I asked the people in the audience to scan the QR code.  I explained that this would take them into Twitter where they could add whatever they wanted to the tweet.

By scanning the QR code and sending a tweet, this was also their chance to win a few of the wonderful Cantata Learning books.
My friend Michelle was there and scanned the QR code. She added to the tweet that Matt had created and sent it out.

It was so much fun seeing how this worked and such a great way to engage the audience members.
I asked Matt to share the QR Tweet instructions with us.  You will find them above and also at this link.
Let's give this one a try.  

Take any QR Code Scanner on your phone or iPad.  Scan this app.  It will pop up in Twitter.

You can add whatever you want to the tweet.  And tweet it out!  It is that easy.
There are a lot of ways this could be used in the library and classroom to engage students.

One of my favorite thoughts...
  • Add a QR Code Tweet to a book in the library.  When students scan it they can add their own information and book review to the tweet before it is tweeted out.  This will engage them in the library collection in a whole new way. 
A few more ideas...
  • Give your students a QR Code Tweet on the last week of school to use when they share what they are reading this summer
  • When teaching them about tweeting and sharing on social media
  • To connect globally with other classes and people (The QR code could we share before to organize a back channel during the connection or project.) 
  • As they review material for a project or test
  • As a way to get feedback and input
  • To share favorite books read during a special reading event or project 
  • During a field trip to share pictures and thank the place visited 
  • As a backchannel 
  • To thank teachers and schools at the end of the year
  • As a way to thank parents at graduation 
  • To gather answers to a problem you give them in class or as homework
  • And tons of other ways too!  
Thank you Matt for teaching all of us how to create QR Code Tweets and for giving us another way to engage our learners using digital tools and global connections. 

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