Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Have You Seen The Special M&M Packages Celebrating The Last 75 Years?

Yesterday after school, Hagan and I were in Casey's grabbing a drink.  On the counter, was this neat M&M's display with big colorful words across the front...
M&M's Celebrating 75 Years!  

I told Hagan and we started to look at the packs inside of the display.  We quickly realized that the M&M characters on the front were different and that each was commemorating a decade.

We pulled out the 1940's, 1960's and 1970's to start.  Hags and I smiled and talked about how much the little characters we all know have changed.  I didn't know this was a special celebration, so we went home to look it up.

To start, we watched an awesome video created just for the celebration that takes us on a trip through the M&M history. 

So next time you see M&M's, make sure you check out all of the different packages.....You will love how the characters we all love have changed. 

This would be a fun media and advertising lesson for your students too. 

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