Friday, May 20, 2016

Common Sense Graphite....One of the Best Places To Find New edTech Tools & Ideas!

I love getting emails from Common Sense Graphite.  They always have something exciting to share.  

Common Sense Graphite is a free platform from our friends at Common Sense Education.  I love it because it makes it easy to discover the best apps, games and websites for the library, classroom and as a parent.  

All of the edtech tools they include on Common Sense Graphite are reviewed by teachers and experts in the field.  So not only are we getting this wonderful information, we also have access to best practices for teaching and are able to connect with an amazing group of educators all over the world.  
In the email this morning, they included this list of Teachers' Top Picks for Out-of-School Learning filled with apps and websites perfect for all of the summer learning coming up.

You can see this here too.
The Common Sense Media app is also super handy.  You can find the best apps, websites, books, games, movies, TV shows and more.....just like on the website. 
You will find their free app here.

There is something for everyone on Common Sense Graphite.  Sign up today to get your free newsletters too.

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