Sunday, February 12, 2023

Celebrate Valentine's Day With This Special Choice Board!


It's almost time to celebrate Valentine's Day so I put together a choice board of resources to celebrate
this special day by reading, learning, making, technology, singing and fun. 

To use this choice board, you can make a copy at this link
After you have made the changes you would like,  go to File and down to Publish to the Web. 
This will give you a link to share with your students. 
In the Valentine's Day Choice Board, there is a PebbleGo article. I have a little tip for those of you who use PebbleGo. You can now grab the link from the top of the Valentine's Day article and it will send them to directly to that article without logging in. 

You can read more about that new feature here.

Have fun celebrating Valentine's Day with your students and community too.  

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