Monday, February 27, 2023

5 Steps To Bringing Kwame Alexander Bookfest To Your School!


One of my favorite parts of being a librarian is helping our students find and connect to books. This happens in the library, within classrooms, in the lunchroom, at after-school events, and even walking down the hallway. 

Discovery and connection can also happen through book clubs, a special way for teacher librarians to introduce students to new ideas, books, authors, and topics through reading, experiences, and wonderful conversations. 

This year, I used Kwame Alexander Bookfest from Follett.

Just as it outlines on the Bookfest site, student choice increases engagement and motivation. Bookfest is a unique book club, and the books are all chosen by Kwame, which ensures that students have plenty of opportunities to see themselves and others in the books. These books are so meaningful and aligned to what our students experience in their own varied cultures and lives! 

PersonallyI have seen such excitement in students when we brought Bookfest to my school, Van Meter Elementary.

Let me tell you how I did this!  

You will find my new Follett blog, Five Ways for Bringing Kwame Alexander Bookfest to Your Library and School here

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