Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Celebrating The NEW Capstone Series, Naomi Nash, With Author Jessica Lee Anderson & A Special New Choice Board Idea!


Today, our 2nd grade students and teachers welcomed author Jessica Lee Anderson to Van Meter Elementary.  
Jessica is the author of the new Capstone series, Naomi Nash.  
As shared online, 

No one seems to love snakes quite as much as Naomi Nash. And thanks to her mom’s job as an exotic animal veterinarian, Naomi has plenty of snake-filled encounters. Along with her best friend, Emma, and older brother, Nolan, Naomi is on a mission to help these misunderstood, feared creatures—especially when they get caught in tricky situations in her Texas neighborhood.
We listened to Jessica read a little from Saving Snakes. 
Then Jessica told us so many cool facts about snakes. 
We loved how she told us about snakes in Iowa and...
...snakes in Texas where she lives, and where Naomi Nash is from in the series. 
We can't wait to read her books and find out even more about snakes and Naomi's adventures. 

To go along with the books, I created a way for our readers to read and learn more about snakes. 
I put together this special choice board with links to PebbleGo articles about snakes and lots of Capstone Interactive eBooks. 
I made a QR code and short url (bit.ly) to go along with the choice board. I put it all into a poster and shrunk it down to fit inside the front cover of each book.  

Now our students can learn and read more from the choice board wherever they are reading...at school or at home.  The links take them directly to the resources without needing to login. 
You will find Jessica's website here and...

....her Naomi Nash series here on the Capstone website

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