Tuesday, February 28, 2023

A Special New Way To Celebrate All Readers During Read Across America Week!


As we celebrate Read Across America this week at our school, we wanted to do something special for all of our Van Meter Readers. 

It started out with our new I am a Van Meter Reader display to celebrate each class as readers. 
You can read all about this special display here where the Canva template for this sign can be found. 

It goes along with this super fun new way to celebrate our Van Meter staff members as readers too. 

You will find the directions and templates for this display here. 
After Natasha and I were done with these displays in the hallway right outside of our library, we decided to make the same image for all of our students. 
We started by having every student bring their favorite book to school on this special day. 
On Bring Your Favorite Book To School Day, we went around to each class and took their picture with their favorite book. 
We then used the same template in Canva that we used for our staff pictures. It is super easy to upload a class at a time and drag them into the template for each student. 

You will find the Canva template here.

Once they were complete in Canva, we downloaded the images and printed each on a quarter of a sheet of paper, laminated and cut them out. 
Each teacher got the stack of their students I am a Van Meter Reader pictures to hang on their lockers as we kicked off Read Across America Week. 
It was so fun to see our older students helping with this project. 
And we loved walking down the hallways on Monday to see all of our....
....Van Meter Readers! 
And our students loved finding them on their lockers too!  

This will be a wonderful way to celebrate all readers and what they love to read throughout the rest of the school year. 

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