Tuesday, February 14, 2023

A Little Tip On Sharing PebbleGo Articles Using QRCode Monkey!


I have a super easy way to share PebbleGo articles (and other digital resources) using a tool called QRCode Monkey

I used QRCode Monkey today to share the PebbleGo article about Valentine's Day. 

In each PebbleGo article, there is a link at the top you can copy. The arrow is pointing to it in this image.
Take that code and go to QRCode Monkey. 

You will paste it into the field that says Your URL. 
Then go down to Upload Image and upload a little screen shot of the PebbleGo article. 

You can see how I took a screenshot of the Valentine's Day article and uploaded it to QRCode Monkey. 
Once you have these two things in the fields, click on Create QR Code and it will make a QR code with the image inside. 

This is such a great way for your students to know where they are going when they scan a QR code. 

It is also super handy for teachers and librarians as we will know what the QR code will take us to when scanned. Especially as you create a lot of QR codes. This is nice way to keep them to use year after year. 

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