Saturday, March 20, 2021

The Perfect Digital Tool and Activity For Even Our Youngest Learners!

One of my favorite activities with our littles each year is the day we get them on Buncee.  As we show them how create their own amazing creations, their eyes light up and they just can't wait to give it a try too. 

Last week, my friend and kindergarten teacher, Melanie Smith and I, used Buncee with her class for the first time.  As I shared the picture above, I had several people ask me what it looks like to get our youngest learners onto Buncee.  With Buncee, there are a few things that make it easy for them to jump right in and start creating something wonderful.  

Let me show you! 
First, I started a new class for Melanie's kindergarteners.  I added all students, giving them a username. 
I then clicked on Enable Simple Login which lets the teacher select.... 
...two images that will make up the password.  This makes it easy for students to login as they remember the images.  I make the images the same for every student. 
Next, I created big Buncee login cards in Google Slides.  

I went to QR Code Monkey to create a QR code that will take them to our Van Meter Buncee. They will be able to scan this with their iPads. 
Under the QR code, students will find their Buncee username.  After they type it in, they select the two animals at the bottom of their login card. 

Now, they are ready to go! 
For this first day with Buncee, Melanie and I let the kids create whatever they wanted in Buncee.  They selected backgrounds, 
drew pictures, 
picked stickers and...
found photos to use, 
typed messages and much more. 
At the end of our time together, everyone of the kindergarteners had created something they loved and were proud of in Buncee.  

Melanie and I can't wait for our next project together using Buncee. And I know our youngest learners can't wait too.

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