Sunday, March 7, 2021

A NEW Way To Show Your School Spirit With StickTogether Virtual Stickerboards and Sticker Puzzle Posters!


It's always so fun to bring a project to our students where they can be creative and work with one another. They love to figure out how to create something amazing while collaborating and working their way through the process. 

As a librarian and teacher, I love bringing these type of learning experiences to our students when we are together at school and at home.   
We love how the StickTogether posters always bring collaboration, innovation and fun to our students.  Within the library, classrooms and even throughout the hallways, StickTogether posters have brought our school community so many special moments and experiences. 
Last fall, with our learners at home and at school, our friends at StickTogether created a new place where we can still stick together....Virtual StickTogether Boards! You can read more here in this post

I have been sharing these with our students and teachers at Van Meter throughout the school year, making them part of our monthly choice boards and library lessons.  

The kids work together on the virtual stick boards within their classrooms and with the entire school.  Your students could even work on one with other kids around the world. 
I am always looking for new ways to use the virtual StickTogether boards because our students love them. When I saw this NEW School Spirit Package, I knew I just had to do this for our kids at Van Meter. 
With this package, you can turn your school logo or mascot into a custom StickTogether poster and/or....
...turn it into a virtual stickerboard for participants to create asynchronously or synchronously. 
It's easy to do!  As shared in the flyer, 

Save your school logo or mascot in a separate file of any format.  If it's on a white background, add a color background (see below for an example). 

Send this final image to and we will get back to you with next steps within 24 hours. 
So, guess what I did!?!?  I sent them an image of our Van Meter Bulldog and they created the coolest virtual stickerboard!  When I saw this, I couldn't wait to share it with our students and teachers.  

You can give a virtual stickerboard a try too!  Click here to add a sticker to a global virtual stickerboard.   This will give you a good sense of what it is like for our students too. 

On Monday, I will share on my blog the big reveal we had with our 3rd graders and a new way to share the virtual stickerboards.  It was an awesome collaborative project and so much fun! 

And we can't wait for our custom Van Meter Bulldogs StickTogether sticker mosaic puzzle poster to arrive for our students to work on together at school.  

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