Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Rita Williams-Garcia, Our PebbleGo Featured Writer, Kicks Off Day 3 Of Read Across America! Look How You Can Too!


For Read Across America Week, we are celebrating with our Reading Is For Everyone Event at Van Meter.  

In fact, a lot of you are going to be joining in on this fun.  You can find all of the details here, friends. 
To go along with each day, I am putting together a choice board featuring each days...
 eBook board....
...and all of the writers featured in PebbleGo Biographies.  

The students will be able to click on the image of the PebbleGo Writers to read about any of them and we will also have a daily Featured PebbleGo Writer each day. 
On Monday, we kicked off Read Across America with our featured PebbleGo Writer for Day 1, Amanda Gorman and for Day 2 it was Barbara Parks. 
On Wednesday, our PebbleGo Featured Writer for Day 3 is Rita Williams-Garcia. 
If you already have PebbleGo, you will be able to grab the link, as shown in the image above, and add it to the...
...Featured PebbleGo Writers for Reading Is For Everyone choice board here
And guess what?  

For Women's History Month, our friends at Capstone have made all of the biographies for women in PebbleGo FREE for EVERYONE to use through March 30, 2021.  You can sign up here
And then everyone will have access to all PebbleGo Biographies about women, including Amanda Gorman, Barbara Park and Rita Williams-Garcia.  You can find the link after you get the login information for this special offer.  

I will be sharing a new Featured PebbleGo Writer each day this week....all women too.  :) 

I also added it to the two new Reading Is For Everyone choice boards. 
Here is the one with dress up days and the featured writers and... is the one without dress up days and the featured writers. 

Just remember, you will have to add the link to the PebbleGo Featured Writer articles with the directions above. 

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