Monday, March 8, 2021

Check Out Our "Books To Celebrate Pop-Up Library"!


Throughout our school, we have little Pop-Up Libraries that hold special books which tie into the curriculum, book club book sets and one of my favorite purposes, to share books around special events throughout the year. 

We call this special one the Books To Celebrate Pop-Up Library.  It is located where everyone walks by it every day in the main hallway and holds dozens of wonderful books around special events. 
Last month, the Books To Celebrate Pop-Up Library was filled with books celebrating Black History Month and this month....
....we are celebrating Women's History Month and Read Across America in the Books To Celebrate Pop-Up Library.  
And next month, it's Poetry Month in our Books To Celebrate Pop-Up Library! 
My main goal with the Pop-Up Libraries in the hallways is to get lots of amazing books into the hands of our students and teachers.  It is a place outside of the library where they can see books they want to read and books they want to use to tie into the curriculum and projects taking place throughout the year. 

When a book is found they want to use or check out, they can write it down on the check out sheet that we have with the shelf or come to us to check it out within Destiny Discover.  

We love this little extension of our library and hope that our Pop-Up Libraries continue to grow and support all readers in other special ways. 

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